Free Short Articles To Read Online -2020/21

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These short articles originally appeared in The Writing Shorts Newsletter on the specified date. All articles written by Jamie Hershberger unless otherwise indicated.

December, 2021
3 Ways To Express Gratitude This Holiday Season (And Always)
Writing for Fun: 5 (Plus one!) Great Gift-Giving Ideas
August, 2021
Recipe VS “Throw Together”
July, 2021
Hey, Kids, Let’s…Visit the Art Museum
June, 2021
Transcending Transatlantic Traditions Part 2 – Times Tales
April, 2021
Transcending Transatlantic Traditions – Hot Cross Buns
March 2021
Hey Kids, Lets… Make Dump Cake!
February, 2021
Curious About Cats – “Do Cats Have Nine Lives?
January, 2021
Curious About Cats – Purring
December, 2020
November, 2020

Writing For Fun – “What is Creative Non-fiction?”
Writing For Fun – Fan Fiction