Patriot (2084 1.0)

January 31, 2084

Dear Mom and Dad,

By now, I am sure you have heard the news.
I have been “cancelled.”

I know you are confused about what this word means. I know there has been talk, even around our own supper table, of the ridiculous things people claim happen to those who are “cancelled.”

Like, maybe you have heard the biggest lie of all – that when people are “cancelled,” it means they are exiled to some far away land. Like. Actually…



Can you imagine our government getting away with something like that? I can’t believe the things kids pick up at school. Am I right?

Or maybe it was Uncle, um, sorry, can’t seem to recall his name since with the passing of time, you know, relatives grow distant…but you know, Mom’s sister’s husband? That guy? Ask him. Ask him if he was the one who maybe heard the silly rumor, the superstitious rumor that “cancelled means exiled.”

Ask him exactly that. In those exact words. I mean, why don’t you. Then, write back and let me know, his answer, okay? I mean, don’t loose the envelope. Keep it in a safe place because too many have lost their correspondence to carelessness with indoor fires.

Anyway, about those rumors…you know – the ridiculous idea, the super-silly idea, that the “Government would exile a people.”
Over unpopular political opinions!
I mean.
Allow me to reassure you – the government is simply sending me to work.


They say, “it is a new infrastructure project.”
They say, “You’ll come back when all of this blows over.”
I say, as the Great General Xi said on the eve of his execution, “it is wise to say ‘goodbye,’ and trust the rest to almighty God.

I hope you understand.

Next time you go home, you should look up my friend, Meg. She’ll know what to tell you. I mean, she will have the words I would say myself if I could see you face to face, which one day I shall again do – whether it be on this side of eternity, or the other, I know not.

Remember, I’ll come home to you when this all blows over.
You have the government’s word on it.

I love you,


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