It’s like this, see

When the melodies start playing in my head I open up a browser window and try to figure out the significance of what I’m hearing.

Tonight it’s about this thing I’m going through
What it takes for me to create this experience for you, the reader.
My audience.
Would that you were not my audience.
Please try not to take that the wrong way. It’s just that, I long for it to be enough for me to share this experience with my creator alone.

See? I just spent fifteen minutes re-editing that same stuff above. If this were just for God I would be less afraid of mistakes.

Oh why am I still plagued with vanity?

There’s a song in my mind
Or my soul I know not which
And it is the sound of my body in motion
But not only my body, but
The Body.
And I am challenged with the compulsion
to communicate this song to another
Without the ability to write a traditional score.

* The idea of women and how they function in their friend groups was the outcome of this session. The hyperlink won’t work until January 18, 2021 when the post about the women in friend groups will go live.

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