The Throw Together – Recipes Remade, Depression Era-Style

A “Throw Together?”

I cook without measuring, which makes recipe sharing pretty tricky. Enter the “Throw Together,” a fortunate formula for my foodie friends fiending for fabulous foods! A Throw Together is a rundown of what went into the pot, served up with a heaping helping of encouragement to just, “throw it all together and taste it until it seems right.”

This is how my mom cooks. Growing up, Mom cooked for her family regularly after her own mother passed away when she was just fifteen years old. She learned a lot while at the elbow of her grandmother – who raised her own children during the era of The Great Depression.

I remember watching Mom season and taste her dish (always use a clean spoon!) over and again, rolling her eyes up each time as if comparing it to the memory of the last time she got it, “just right.” Through Mom’s example, I learned not just practical tips – such as how to tell if my pasta sauce would turn out delicious from how it tasted “raw” – but also that the secret to succeed with any dish, no matter your budget restrictions – thinking caring, loving, and forgiving thoughts of those you’ll be serving as you slice, dice, and stir.

Through Mom’s example, I learned … the secret to succeed with any dish – to think caring, loving, and forgiving thoughts of your loved ones as you slice, dice, and stir.

Delicious as a Recipe – Leaves Room for Creativity

My Throw-Together-style recipe slinging sometimes discourages my friends and family, who are hoping to go home an produce an exact replica of the dish they’ve just enjoyed. That would be impossible, you see, as the way it turned out the first time they had it happened by complete accident!

The people closest to me don’t seem to mind that my cooking results are inconsistent (except for the fact that I’m constantly serve them “the best chili you will never have again).

In truth, I never intend for their version to turn out exactly like mine, anyway! Rather, I hope my “throw together” serves as a little wisp of kitchen inspiration from my foodie heart to theirs, and motivates them to get into the kitchen and play with their food! That is how heirloom recipes are created, after all!

A Featured Throw Together

Though the recipe is never named, in, “And the Mom Ran Away with the Moon,” by J. R. NIchols, Becca is stirring a pot of “Throw Together Soup,” a dish inspired by the story’s “putting-on-a-good-front-but-secretly-completely-frazzled” main character. Becca praises her sister-in-law for having it all together, not recognizing the herculean efforts being made to keep up appearances through just one more vacation.

Additional Throw Together for Buy Me a Coffee Supporters

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