The Audition – A Free Short Story to Read Online

Free Short Story The Audition

“The Audition” is a short story by J. R. Nichols. It first appeared in the August, 2021 Extra! Edition of The Writing Shorts Newsletter.

“How was the audition, Sweetie?”

“Fine, I guess.”

“Fine? You know that play frontward and backward. You could recite your lines in your sleep. Heck, you could probably recite the entire show in your sleep. Surely, you nailed the audition, and are just being modest. Am I right?”

“Sadly, no. I mean, I knew my lines, and everything. It’s just that, well, this director’s interpretation is very different than what I’m used to.”

“In what way?”

“Well, the bicycle basket is mounted on the back of the bike, and not the front.”

“That’s fine. Your character doesn’t even interact with the bicycle.”

“It isn’t just the bicycle – it’s the tornado, too.”

“How does one reinterpret a tornado?”

“By changing it into a tsunami – the whole second act takes place on the beach.”

“The beach? How does that work?”

“The yellow brick road is a stretch of sand along the ocean.”

“It’s what?”

“Yeah. And there aren’t any ruby slippers, either. Only a pair of sensible shoes and a magical babushka.”

“I see. But, tell me, please, that the director hasn’t tampered too much with your part.”

“Funny, that’s the one change I think actually enhances the show. I mean, what could be sadder than a dolphin with no brain?”