Someday Writers, Like Me

Image by Edo Emmerig from Pixabay
“Someday Writers, Like Me” is a poem by J. R. Nichols. Click here to read a random post!

I’ve not been generous enough with my struggles.
I mean, it’s time to let you all in.
You all need to understand what it’s like to grow something, to build something.
I think.
Because I think there’s a lot more of you out there.
Folks like me.
We want to write someday, but it’s just so hard to keep wanting it.
So, how can I help you keep wanting it?
I ask myself.
I do not know the answer
I only know that I want it today
And the hunger feels good
and I want everyone to feel this hunger
Because it is the hunger that drives you forward
It is the hunger that causes you to conquer and kill.
Let’s be killers, together.