Love’s Lift

“Love’s Lift” is a poem by J. R. Nichols. Click here to read a random post!

“Amazing grace,”
I used to sing,
has saved ‘a wretch like me.’
But ‘twas before I realized
how wretched I could be.

I boldly belted,
“this I know,”
‘bout our good Savior’s love.
But ‘twas before
I knew the hate
my heart’s capable of.

Face to face
with my disgrace
I ran from my creator.
I thought I hid,
but all I did
was turn God into a hater.

“He’ll punish me,”
I was convinced.
“He just can’t wait to do so!”
But now I see, nothing could be
much farther from the truth, so,

as I rise up
I’ll reach a hand,
lift all, that they might see –
amazing grace awaits you in
the hour you first believe.

Image by Bianca Mentil from Pixabay