“Friend Zone” – Featured Drabble, June 2021

“Friend Zone” is a drabble by J. R. Nichols. See more of her work at jrnicholsonline.com. Click here to read a random post from Writing Shorts!

Friend Zone

Despite dozens of intimate conversations over after hours cocktails, Bob had never made a pass at Joan. She’d practically given up on him when he’d invited her to the cabin.

“Just the two of us,” he’d said.

She arrived as the sun started its ritual descent toward the shimmering water.

“Come on,” he said, “I’ll show you to our room”.

Our room.

She followed, wanting to respond, but had gone dumb, considering the implications of his words.

He flung a door open, walking over to one of two sets of bunk beds.

“Do you want the top or the bottom?”