Daily writing 9.28.20

Today’s prompt is a challenge from a facebook group I am in: Write a 100 word story (a “drabble”) on the topic of: “Neighbors.”
Watch me write this drabble LIVE!

“It’s simply impossible to learn these words.” Millicent flopped dramatically backward on the bed.

“I understand,” David nodded sagely from Millicent’s desk. “I can’t even remember when to put the “i” before the “e”,  even though Mom tried to teach me that poem.”

“Just wait until you’re MY age. The words only get harder, you know.”
“You could always, well, take some notes along with you.”

“David Eugine Westerhall! Are you encouraging me to cheat!?”

“Did I say cheat?” David stood, rubbing his hands on his back pockets. “I think I hear Mom calling me. Good luck on your test.”