5 Hints Your Cat Needs A Vacation

Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay
  • There’s a cocktail umbrella in his water dish.
    This is often accompanied by a string of Christmas lights and a sign which reads, “it’s five-o-clock-somewhere”
  • He starts bringing you travel brochures instead of dead birds.
    Hey, at least they smell better!
  • He side-eyes you.
    This is accompanied by a particularly judgmental smirk which telegraphs, “This world you’ve provided for me is very small, Karen!”
  • He dresses himself in authentic Argentinian garb…
    …or in any of the other nonsense costumes you’ve picked up for him over the years.
  • YOU have to wake HIM in the mornings for breakfast.
    Now you know it’s getting serious!

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