2084 – 3.0

Okay so how do we start?
I don’t know, It’s your mission.
What’s that supposed to mean?
Seriously, you have to stay out of the way.
Right. Got it. But I have to say this is a great starting point.
Right. Now you’re where you’re supposed to be.
Backseat. Right.
NO. Not backseat. Knock it off.
Right. Navigation. Got it.
Oh God, please no, not you navigating.
Oh, right. Lol.
Come on. Be serious.
Sorry. We’re frozen now.
No, no it’s okay. Let’s take a moment to think.


Check your posture.
Go message.
What if, inside each and every one of us…oh…
“oh,” what?
“Oh, now i get why this does not work.”
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
They are not ready to hear, are they?
Too bad.


Stella frowned at the words of her Mother’s screenplay displayed on the monitor before her in “strike-through” formatting.

“Go on. Write it.” The little voice in Charlie’s head urged her.
“But it sounds too preachy,” Charlie argued back.

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