Dun diddly-un dun, dun dun, dun, die-uh (dun die-uh) (2x)

The Bible says, “…the (smoke) smell of it is pleasing in my nostrils.”

Please understand, this is what I think the Bible says. I was listening to the Bile on Audio. Daily Audio Bible, in fact.*

I remember. In the space of time between hearing it and opening this website to make this post my brain has already started an argument with itself over which is the correct quote. Have I added a word (smoke)? Or was it there and now I am in danger of leaving it out?)

So I’ve left this post to write another. Now I’m back, two hours later.
I can’t remember the point.
I’ve lost the thread…
Oh, yes. That’s right.

I thought it was interesting that God SMELLS and appreciates smells.
incense and others.
And smoke
And we use smoke in rock concerts and stuff.
What is it about smoke?
We don’t do “peace pipes,” but I think we should. What a marvelous custom.

What is it about fire?
It’s one of those “magical” elements,
An everyday miracle.
If we allow it, it transfixes us.
If we allow it, it opens us to one another.
I think because it is a source of heat and light.
And like moths, we are attracted to light.
Heat, not so much…

But everyone wants to be close to the light.
And that is why we are to shine – a beacon on a hill.
Lighthouses don’t have to smack sailors over the head with a flashlight.
They need only stand, constant.

*Say it with me: “I’m Brian.”

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