Audiobooks are on the way

I’ve started narrating my short stories. Hubby and I think they could sell. I’m really pleased with “And the Mom Ran Away With the Moon” came out, and so far the only person I’ve sent it to had rave reviews.
Love that.
Anyway I’ve got the book up for quality review (QR) at FindAwayVoices. I’ll come back and hyperlink in a second.
Anyway, more drama today in that I’m struggling with Mailerlite and my newsletter. It was schedlued to go out at 10:13* today but I can’t send it until I get my answer from Mailerlite.

Thanks okay. I am learning patience during the process. I have no choice.
Almost time to write. TTYL

*Just remembered – I couldn’t schedule it for 10:13 because it would only schedule in quarter hours. So I picked 10:15

Someday Writers, Like Me

I’ve not been generous enough with my struggles.
I mean, it’s time to let you all in.
You all need to understand what it’s like to grow something, to build something.
I think.
Because I think there’s a lot more of you out there.
Folks like me.
We want to write someday, but it’s just so hard to keep wanting it.
So, how can I help you keep wanting it?
I ask myself.
I do not know the answer
I only know that I want it today
And the hunger feels good
and I want everyone to feel this hunger
Because it is the hunger that drives you forward
It is the hunger that causes you to conquer and kill.
Let’s be killers, together.


Prompt: “Write about the number 13”
Link to Prompt Source
Watch me write this LIVE!

How I know the term, “A Baker’s Dozen” was coined by a MOM! 

I wondered quietly where the phrase “a baker’s dozen” originated. Like, was the extra donut for the baker? Did the baker have twelve co-bakers, or baker minions, or whatever a baker’s helper might be called?

Or maybe it’s like this – you have this old fashioned donut recipe, right? And the donut recipe is supposed to yield 12 donuts. But then after you make them, there’s all these scraps left over, and you mush them altogether, and that’s the one you get to eat.

Daily writing 9.28.20

Today’s prompt is a challenge from a facebook group I am in: Write a 100 word story (a “drabble”) on the topic of: “Neighbors.”
Watch me write this drabble LIVE!

“It’s simply impossible to learn these words.” Millicent flopped dramatically backward on the bed.

“I understand,” David nodded sagely from Millicent’s desk. “I can’t even remember when to put the “i” before the “e”,  even though Mom tried to teach me that poem.”

“Just wait until you’re MY age. The words only get harder, you know.”
“You could always, well, take some notes along with you.”

“David Eugine Westerhall! Are you encouraging me to cheat!?”

“Did I say cheat?” David stood, rubbing his hands on his back pockets. “I think I hear Mom calling me. Good luck on your test.”