2084 – 3.?.01 (Charlie’s ramblings)

It is important that we learn from our mistakes. Otherwise it is useless to go through the pain.

you see, you have to have the pain because of the principle. When a principle is violated there is a consequence.

sometimes the consequence is insignificant. Such as just now, when you were being so industrious about your great work, and suddenly you interrupted youself with some nonsensical thought. And the nonsensical thought derailed the project, and then you became aware of the pain in your hip and the ache in your soul and oh no here we are human again.

You see?

We all along to be transformed. To only be the part of us that takes over and does the wonderful thing that we are unable to do in our flesh.

Is it so wrong to desire this?

People chase counterfeits of it all the time, sometimes in the name of God which is the father of all irony (I think. I always get “gotcha’d” on the topic of “irony”).