2084 3.01.0? (Luna’s perspective)

Hey, all,

Thanks for coming by to check out what I’m doing for Mom and Grandma.
The kind folks of the Online Archives (OA) have asked Mom (via yours truly), to try to put Grandma’s ramblings into some kind of cohesive order. This post is me, us, taking my our first swing at that.

The kind folks at OA gave Grandma her own integer, #3. To my knowledge, this is their first to be solely dedicated to the life and times of an artist. I’m sure Grandma would be proud.

She must not have been so proud, however, of this little ditty. LOL.

That’s right, the following are, indeed, lyrics to a song. I found them buried in an a file box along with some half-finished notebooks (contents of which are coming soon), rabbit-eared to a piece of sheet music. The words, “Check One,” Are scrawled across the top in what Mom insists is Grandma’s handwriting. I am not so sure. Anyway, whether it tops the charts or not, it appears to have been penned by Charlie Tilson and is, thus, of apparent interest to some.

By the way, as of this writing, Mom has me using 3.1 for these types of updates, but they might get moved around by the curators of the OA or by Mom or myself as we attempt to untangle Grandma’s story. As always, my heart goes out to all you kiddos out there having to research ole Charlie Tilson for your Art History class. LMK if you think I should pester the folks at OA to perk up the font or the background colors, or something, to make it easier on the eyes as you dig.

Much love to all my “Stars;” thanks for your support along this gnarly journey,

PS – sorry to all who keep asking about getting a peek at the sheet music. Mom is hopeless with that stuff and my scanner isn’t set up in the new place yet. I’ll get to it ASAP. – L

Step right up has been said before but
hasn’t everything, really?
Have you shown up to see a freak show,
Or do you long to have healing?

be careful what you wish for*

No no,
it’s not that kind of show.*
Be still.

be careful what you wish for*

You have abundance in everything,
yet you know the other shoe will soon be dropping.
Misery awaits around every corner, hell-bent on snatching away your joy.
And after all that suffering what awaits you?
Eternity forever six feet below
Or worse if the cosmos doesn’t spare you
There’s a far scarier place you’ll go

be careful what you wish for

No no,
No worries about where you’ll go*
Be still*

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